Who We Are

SIM INGEGNERIA srl is a company that provides Architecture, Engineering, Consultancy and Technical services. With a structure composed of a team of engineers, architects and technicians, SIM INGEGNERIA srl is able to offer optimal solutions in response to a broad range of technical and procedura! issues, providing maximum assistance and support also in terms of management related to the entire authorization process.

The multidisciplinary technical background and deep legislative know-how from every professio­ nal staff member – thanks to the profound experience and skills gained directly on the field – provides a professional excellence necessary to meet the various aspects of both public and priva­ te sectors for individuai needs and complex projects.

SIM INGEGNERIA srl constitutes the qualified “ENERGY POINT” for Basilicata and Calabria regions in ltaly. lt was founded with the commitment in communicating outwards to citizens, com­ panies, designers, in terms of energy saving, certification, diagnosis, rehabilitation of buildings, as well as the use of renewable energy. lts focus is also territorial energy planning through municipal and supra-municipal studies

Sim Ingegneria
Dayana Miceli Chief Administrative Officer – dayana@simingegneria.it
Lucia Impieri MSc – Chief Procurement and Quality Officer – lucia@simingegneria.it
Salvatore Martorelli Chief Operational Officer – s.martorelli@simingegneria.it
Natale Aiello Chief Commercial Officer – n.aiello@simingegneria.it
Salvatore Martorelli Architect – s.martorelli@simingegneria.it
Erminia De Paola Architect – e.depaola@simingegneria.it
Giuseppina Forestiero Building Engineer – g.forestiero@simingegneria.it
Biagio Gamba Civil Engineer – b.gamba@simingegneria.it
Giovanni Perrone Building Surveyor – g.perrone@simingegneria.it
Silvano Renda Building Surveyor – s.renda@simingegneria.it
Francesco Miceli Electrotechnical Engineer – f.miceli@simingegneria.it
Fabrizio Mirigliano Hydraulic Engineer – f.mirigliano@simingegneria.it
Annunziato Papa Mechanical Engineer – a.papa@simingegneria.it
Michele Zinno Computer – Electronic – Telecoms Engineer – m.zinno@simingegneria.it
Ruben Bellissimo Qualified Industrial Technician – r.bellissimo@simingegneria.it
Enrico Ninarello Energy Engineer – e.ninarello@simingegneria.it
Francesco Miceli Electrotechnical Engineer – f.miceli@simingegneria.it
Salvatore Solano Civil Engineer – s.solano@simingegneria.it
Francesca Manera Mechanical Engineer – f.manera@simingegneria.it
Vito Cavallotti Building Engineer – v.cavallotti@simingegneria.it

Operational offices Calabria

Via Pedro Alvares Caprari, 18
87036 Rende (CS)
Phone: (+39) 0984 406722

Corso Europa, 66
87021 Belvedere Marittimo (CS)
Phone: (+39) 0985 82495
(+39) 335 6073120

Registered office

Viale della Repubblica, 77
87100 Cosenza
Phone: (+39) 02 32066675

Office Basilicata

Via Cavalieri di Malta, 331
85100 – Potenza
Phone: (+39) 340 7485763

Office Lombardia

Via Luciano Zuccoli, 26
20125 Milano (MI)
Phone: (+39) 329 1934491